How to sell with us.

The process……
* Book a diary slot. Phone, email or message us to bring your items to us.
No more than 2 bin bags or equivalent hung for each visit.
* Customer code number. You will get a new number each time you book in. Keep it safe on your blue customer card. Your items will be tagged with this code and added in our records, to enable us to track them, if, and when they sell. We don't guarantee to sell your items, we are just giving them opportunity.
* 3 month period selling period. Your items will be for sale on the shop floor for this amount of time, we therefore require your items to be seasonal. They must be clean, freshly washed and ironed, in a good condition. Damaged or stained items will be ragged instantly.
*After the 3 month period. At this point, you can retrieve your items from our rails independently if you wish, though most out of date stock passes onto charity and rag. Valuable, higher end items, these will of course stay on our rails for a longer period of time and be tracked more vigilantly and handled more delicately.
NOTE There may be odd occasions that an item slips through the net but we will happily reimburse you, as if the item has sold. This is very rare in our simple yet tried and tested system.
* Deadline to collect your earnings. REMEMBER the deadline to collect your money is 3 months from the date you booked in your items You can however, visit us at any time to collect your money during this time.
*Then the process commences again Reycyle Reuse Re-love.